State Enterprise «Dnipropetrovs’k Scientific and Production complex «Electric Locomotives Building» is one of the leading enterprises of Ukraine that specializes on production of traction units, cargo, passenger and contact mine electric locomotives and has wide technological opportunities for production of industrial and mine electric locomotives.

МMetallurgical Production

Casthouse has enough equipment for production of billets for production of spare parts for contact mine electric locomotives. Foundry provides manufacturing of steel iron and nonferrous castings weight from 0.02 to 1000 pounds.

Heat-treating department is intended for production of spare parts of rolling steel and consists of:

- Section for production of round billets and rolled sections for which it is equipped with disk and sawing machines;

- Sledge hammers forging section;

- Axle billets and shafts production section;

- Hot stamping area on a horizontal forging machines HCM-1250, HCM-250;

- Springs manufacturing section;

- Thermal treatment section;


Steelwork shop

The site is equipped with the necessary set of equipment and tooling for the production of steel billets for mining locomotives. Assembly and welding of metal is performed in the special areas and special fixtures. In particular, to build the side walls and head-body of contract mine electric locomotive special devices are used. The process of welding is performed on equipment for manual, semiautomatic and automatic welding. The site includes:

- Cutting and harvest areas;

- Metal assembly and welding areas.


Mechanical shop

The shop is equipped with a universal, specialized and unique equipment for mechanical handling both small and large pieces of metal and steel works. The technology of machining sides, frontal walls of mine electric locomotives with the use of special milling machines is mastered. The site of wheel sets is equipped with special equipment for forming and processing of wheel sets. The shop includes:

- Small size parts site;

- Major parts and assemblies site;

- Wheel sets production site.


Electromechanial shop

Intended for the production of auxiliary collector electrical machines of direct current, apparatus mounted on the traction, and the main mine electric locomotives. The workshop is provided with a complete set of equipment, including special and industrial equipment for assembly and testing of electrical machinery and apparatus. The shop includes:

- Cold pressing of the sheet metal thickness of 3 mm site;

- Electrical machinery parts machining site;

- Rubber and plastic parts production site;

- Sectional winding production site;

- Assembly and testing of electrical machinery and apparatus.


Electrotechnical shop

The shop is intended for the production of electronic control systems for electric locomotives. It has a sufficient set of equipment and test beds. Also shop has sections for assembling, testing and running-wheel electric motor block mine and stands where the assembly of mine electric locomotives is accomplished.


Assembling shop

The shop is equipped with facilities and stands for the final assembly and testing of electric locomotives. There are special stands for the mounting and final testing of a wheel-motor units. Also there are several support units for providing normal functioning of a mill.